Christmas scarf, 2015

Welcome to my annual Christmas scarf post, volume 2015. I came across this beautiful heather blue yarn in the craft store, and just down the aisle was a free cabled cowl pattern, and so the 2015 scarf was born. Thanks to my 2013 scarf, I wasn’t a cable newbie, and this one went much faster than that first scarf. Plus the cowl required many fewer rows – I see lots of cowls in my future . . . Anyways, I am pretty pleased with how it turned out. More importantly, my mom likes it!

The woman herself modeling it like a pro.

And the scarf in progress.


Christmas scarf, 2014

You may remember that I knit a scarf each year for one of my relatives. In 2012, my brother got a striped scarf in his school colors. While he says he likes it and wears it often, he also requested a second scarf. Since I haven’t finished the scarf I planned to gift this year, I figured I could indulge him. After this one he has to wait at least a few years before asking for another. Brothers. *rolls eyes*

He does have a few redeeming features, including that he’s a pretty skilled embroiderer himself. He’s stitched designs on shoes and, in return for the scarf, gave me an awesome embroidered taco ornament. I guess I’ll keep him.

Christmas scarf, 2013

Each year, I make a scarf for one of my family members. You might remember the photos I shared of the 2012 scarf I made for my brother. This year, I finally finished a scarf for my uncle. I say finally, because it took me about two years of intermittent work to complete. It’s my first cable pattern, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Hopefully he’ll like it too!

Ermahgerd, Chrerstmahs!

Christmas is my all-time favorite holiday. Forget birthdays, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day and Halloween, I can’t wait for the Christmas season to begin. I love spending a chilly afternoon baking cookies with my family, listening to Christmas music, and picking out gifts. The weather, the food, the whole atmosphere of cozy contentment and family – it’s truly the most wonderful time of the year.

Each year I give out several handmade gifts in addition to store-bought presents. I always make a Christmas scarf for one of my extended family members and packages of homemade cookies and sweets for friends and neighbors. In addition to the scarf I made this year (for my brother), I decided to stitch some of Steotch’s fantastic meme ornaments.

Besides stitched things, I also gifted some homemade treats for Christmas. Last year I made sugared pecans, but this year I decided to go the chocolate route. I made a variety of chocolate barks, including milk chocolate peppermint, dark chocolate peppermint, milk chocolate mixed nut, dark chocolate mixed nut, and the fan favorite: dark chocolate with pistachios and cranberries. Also in the goodie bags were a variety of chocolate-covered pretzels.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season – no matter what you celebrate!