Working on my patch game

These are the first batch of patches coming to my Etsy store. I had fun backing each with colorful felt and using bits of leftover thread from other projects to finish them off. There are many more in the pipeline, stay tuned for patch game, part 2.

Punk-Ass Book Jockey


Cat Lady

Have Mercy

Here’s a look at the back of Have Mercy. I added tiny pieces of felt to hold the safety pins securely. That way people can use them as patches or pins – it’s easy enough to snip the extra felt off and remove the pin to stitch the patch onto their jacket or bag.

I have a few bits of cross stitch I also made into patches, and others in progress. Here’s a glimpse:


Shakespearean Insults

This series combines Shakespeare, clever insults, and cross stitch – what more could you want? “A pox on you!” and “Thour’t a mad wench!” were some of the very first pieces I ever stitched.

Thou frothy elf-skinned maggot-pie!

Away with your pishery-pashery!

Thour’t a mad wench! (also available as a pattern)

A pox on you! (also available as a pattern)