These are my awards, Mother. From Army.

Arrested Development is one of my all-time favorite TV shows. I love all the seasons equally. (…Earlier today…) I don’t care for season 4.

Buster, ep. 2.6

Anyways, the more AD in my life the better, which is why I decided to stitch up this quote from an episode called Afternoon Delight (season 2, episode 6). Lucille Bluth (my spirit animal) signs her youngest son Buster up for the army. Buster doesn’t want to be in the army – in fact he’s terrified by the idea at first – so in this episode he decides to go the arcade and play games instead. When he gets home, well, I’ll let you see how the scene plays out:

I set out to make a simple, backstitch version of the meme. Here are some progress shots:

And here’s the finished piece:

These are my awards, Mother. From

Okay, I’m off to the frozen banana stand.


Stitch all the things!

I love Hyperbole and a Half, so when I saw this meme I decided to stitch it. I switched out the mop for a hoop and needle, resulting in this:

Stitch all the things!

Now framed, it sits on my desk next to my current WIP pile.

Hello, sexy

Time And Relative Dimension In Space – sounds sexy, right? While binge-watching Doctor Who, I decided to stitch an ode to the TARDIS. It’s based a quote from “The Doctor’s Wife” (season 6, episode 4), in which the TARDIS herself declares she’d like to be called “Sexy.” Because what’s sexier than a bright blue police telephone box capable of inter-dimensional time travel?

Here’s the TARDIS in progress (or, re-materializing):


And the final piece:

Hello Sexy

Who doesn’t respect Da Fonz?

In my other life, I’m studying to be an archivist. Respect des fonds is an important concept in our field, and some genius decided to make a play on words to create this meme.

Respect Da Fonz

Of course I had to make my own (and a few for my friends). I haven’t quite finished his face, but here’s what the piece currently looks like:

Respect Da Fonz