Sweet and Sour Heart Stickers

Candy hearts are for lovers . . . and haters! I’m excited to add stickers featuring my Sweet & Sour Heart series to my shop. In addition to the postcards I shared last month, these stickers are part of my new line of stationery.

I’ve already stuck them everywhere: my planner, my phone case, and – of course – Valentine’s Day cards!

They’re available as sets of Sweet Hearts, Sour Hearts, and the combined Sweet & Sour Heart collection.



All hail snailmail

Snailmail is one of my favorite things, so creating postcards featuring my stitching was a no-brainer. Each postcard includes a detail from some of my most popular pieces, printed on high-quality cardstock. They’re a colorful surprise perfect for your favorite penpal!

Sweet & Sour Hearts

Stay Creepy

A Good Neighbor Ignores the Screams

Rooster Hoopbutt

And don’t forget my Oh hai postcards – my first postcard, available in 12 colors. Happy writing!

Working on my patch game

These are the first batch of patches coming to my Etsy store. I had fun backing each with colorful felt and using bits of leftover thread from other projects to finish them off. There are many more in the pipeline, stay tuned for patch game, part 2.

Punk-Ass Book Jockey


Cat Lady

Have Mercy

Here’s a look at the back of Have Mercy. I added tiny pieces of felt to hold the safety pins securely. That way people can use them as patches or pins – it’s easy enough to snip the extra felt off and remove the pin to stitch the patch onto their jacket or bag.

I have a few bits of cross stitch I also made into patches, and others in progress. Here’s a glimpse:


Leslie Knope, government employee, queen of the binders, and the main character in Parks and Recreation, is a big believer in supporting female friends. In fact, she created a whole holiday just for the purpose: Galentine’s Day. Forget Valentine’s Day, February 13th is all about ladies celebrating ladies.

ovaries before brovaries

uteruses before duderuses

hoes before bros

sisters before misters

How are you celebrating Galentine’s Day this year?

Sweet and Sour Hearts

People love Valentine’s Day or hate it, but either way they tend to have strong feelings about February 14. I’ve been looking for a way to make sweet (and sour) hearts so people can express their feelings about the holiday and each other. So, when I started painting fabric, the first project I wanted to try was a Sweet and Sour Hearts series.

Here are the results:

Be mine

Not yours

Hot stuff

UR the worst

Maybe tonight (for all you Arrested Development fans)

Can U not

I ship us

Probably not


Damn UR fine

Call me



Experimenting with watercolors

Lots of projects are in progress at the studio, but I’m especially excited to share some photos of my most recent experiments. I’ve been playing around with watercolors, painting details and entire pieces of plain muslin. Here are some of the results.

I’ll love you to the moon and back

true blue baby i love you (and this sweet little heart)

You are my sunshine

True love

Here’s a sneak peek at some other painted pieces. More soon!

Butts butts butts

I stitch Shakespeare, Mark Twain, and Winston Churchill, and what are the most popular items in my shop? Butts. I like a good butt myself, don’t get me wrong, but I would not have guessed these pieces would be in such hot demand. I guess I’ll keep making more. After all, the customer is king, right?


butts ii

butts iii

Christmas scarf, 2014

You may remember that I knit a scarf each year for one of my relatives. In 2012, my brother got a striped scarf in his school colors. While he says he likes it and wears it often, he also requested a second scarf. Since I haven’t finished the scarf I planned to gift this year, I figured I could indulge him. After this one he has to wait at least a few years before asking for another. Brothers. *rolls eyes*

He does have a few redeeming features, including that he’s a pretty skilled embroiderer himself. He’s stitched designs on shoes and, in return for the scarf, gave me an awesome embroidered taco ornament. I guess I’ll keep him.

Medieval doodles

This series of medieval embroideries is based on a set of doodles from my sketchbook. I’m a nerd of all things British, but especially the Tudor and Stuart monarchies. Hence Henry VIII, Edward VI, and Shakespeare.

Henry VIII


Edward VI

Royal crown

Along the way I’ve made several more medieval-inspired pieces, including the ones you see below. You may be able to spot Jane Seymour in the WIP with the other medieval doodles. I can’t honestly say why I didn’t make her into her own piece. Maybe I’ll do a series of Henry’s wives next.


Of course, the piece that started this whole theme is my medieval lolcat!