Embroidery floss is my favorite thing, part II

Need I say anything more?


Embroidery floss (is one of my favorite things)

I love embroidery floss. Like a whole lot. Getting new embroidery floss is equivalent to getting new office supplies, or – for those of you who don’t get excited about new sticky notes – like Christmas + Easter + Halloween + my birthday. I also love spending time organizing (and re-organizing) my floss. Is all of this weird? I don’t think so. Maybe a bit OCD. Anyways . . .

Me + embroidery floss = this.

For Christmas this year, I convinced my brother to go halfsies with me on a huge pile of embroidery floss. Probably double what I had at that point. So we tortured our poor Michaels cashier with a ridiculous number of tiny bar codes to scan (sorry . . . but not sorry) and I went home with my best Christmas present of the year.

Just for comparison, here is my floss box* before Christmas:

With the new skeins added, organized by color:

And finally, organized by DMC number:

Not sure which way I like best. By color is obviously more visually satisfying, but I also like the color groupings that number order produces. Hmm, something to think about while I’m planning my next floss expansion.

*Lots of people have asked me where I got my floss box. It’s actually my brother’s old toy car box, which has lots of storage space plus a handle – perfect!