All hail snailmail

Snailmail is one of my favorite things, so creating postcards featuring my stitching was a no-brainer. Each postcard includes a detail from some of my most popular pieces, printed on high-quality cardstock. They’re a colorful surprise perfect for your favorite penpal!

Sweet & Sour Hearts

Stay Creepy

A Good Neighbor Ignores the Screams

Rooster Hoopbutt

And don’t forget my Oh hai postcards – my first postcard, available in 12 colors. Happy writing!


Working on my patch game

These are the first batch of patches coming to my Etsy store. I had fun backing each with colorful felt and using bits of leftover thread from other projects to finish them off. There are many more in the pipeline, stay tuned for patch game, part 2.

Punk-Ass Book Jockey


Cat Lady

Have Mercy

Here’s a look at the back of Have Mercy. I added tiny pieces of felt to hold the safety pins securely. That way people can use them as patches or pins – it’s easy enough to snip the extra felt off and remove the pin to stitch the patch onto their jacket or bag.

I have a few bits of cross stitch I also made into patches, and others in progress. Here’s a glimpse:

Shakespearean Insults

This series combines Shakespeare, clever insults, and cross stitch – what more could you want? “A pox on you!” and “Thour’t a mad wench!” were some of the very first pieces I ever stitched.

Thou frothy elf-skinned maggot-pie!

Away with your pishery-pashery!

Thour’t a mad wench! (also available as a pattern)

A pox on you! (also available as a pattern)

New projects

I thought I’d share photos of a few smaller pieces I’m working on. The first is a collection of quotes stitched on Aida scraps. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with them yet, but they remind me a bit of fortune cookie slips. Maybe I’ll stick them between subway seat cushions or in library books for other people to find.


At the top is a quote my aunt stitched on a sampler she made for our family: “With fingers so nimble, she plied her needle and thimble.” Second is a piece of medieval poetry featured in A Discovery of Witches: “I saw her coming from the forest. Huntress of myself, beloved Diana.” And finally, the beginnings of an Anthony Trollope quote: “There is no happiness in love, except at the end of an English novel.”

Another piece based on a Kate Beaton comic:

And another based on a Ryan Pequin comic:

I want this because of reasons.


Back in November, my favorite person in the world was having a hard time at work. Her new boss gave her a (undeserved) “proficient” rating, which was one step above “needs improvement.” She was understandably upset about this, and I was mad that such an amazing person should feel so badly about herself and her job. So I made her a tiny cross stitch token she could keep at work and take out during tough moments to remind herself that she was proficient, as in “totally exceeds expectations, so deal with it.” Because who doesn’t need a little boost at work every once in awhile?

proficientalt copy

Ermahgerd, Chrerstmahs!

Christmas is my all-time favorite holiday. Forget birthdays, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day and Halloween, I can’t wait for the Christmas season to begin. I love spending a chilly afternoon baking cookies with my family, listening to Christmas music, and picking out gifts. The weather, the food, the whole atmosphere of cozy contentment and family – it’s truly the most wonderful time of the year.

Each year I give out several handmade gifts in addition to store-bought presents. I always make a Christmas scarf for one of my extended family members and packages of homemade cookies and sweets for friends and neighbors. In addition to the scarf I made this year (for my brother), I decided to stitch some of Steotch’s fantastic meme ornaments.

Besides stitched things, I also gifted some homemade treats for Christmas. Last year I made sugared pecans, but this year I decided to go the chocolate route. I made a variety of chocolate barks, including milk chocolate peppermint, dark chocolate peppermint, milk chocolate mixed nut, dark chocolate mixed nut, and the fan favorite: dark chocolate with pistachios and cranberries. Also in the goodie bags were a variety of chocolate-covered pretzels.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season – no matter what you celebrate!

Hello, sexy

Time And Relative Dimension In Space – sounds sexy, right? While binge-watching Doctor Who, I decided to stitch an ode to the TARDIS. It’s based a quote from “The Doctor’s Wife” (season 6, episode 4), in which the TARDIS herself declares she’d like to be called “Sexy.” Because what’s sexier than a bright blue police telephone box capable of inter-dimensional time travel?

Here’s the TARDIS in progress (or, re-materializing):


And the final piece:

Hello Sexy