Running Stitch Tutorial

This post is part of my Tutorial Tuesday series.

Let’s work on one of the core stitches: the running stitch. Also known as the straight stitch. The running stitch can be used for edging items, sewing fabric together, creating a simple border – any number of things. I use it mostly as a border or background stitch.

If you’re new to embroidery and need some help getting started, check out my Embroidery Basics tutorial.

Push your threaded needle up through your fabric. Then push your needle through to the back of your fabric. [Like I mentioned in the first tutorial, I am left-handed, so I stitch left-to-right. If you are more comfortable stitching right-to-left, top-to-bottom, or upside-down, please do!]

Repeat this stitch, leaving a space between your first and second stitch. Generally running stitches are sewn at a regular interval, but you can also very their length and the length of the spaces between stitches. I have kept mine fairly uniform to create one long line.

Now you have a nice long line of stitches! Let’s finish that line for now, and try some other variations.

Like I mentioned above, there are many ways to use the running stitch, and infinite variations you can create. I’m a nerd for secret codes, so I thought it would be fun to stitch a message in Morse Code.

..  .-.. --- ...- .  -.-- --- ..-
.. .-.. — …- . -.– — ..-

Of course, French knots would be perfect for the dots, but we’ll learn about those another week.

Can you guess what my message is? (Hint: It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day or an anniversary gift.) You can make your own secret messages with the help of a Morse Code translator.

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