Holy hydrangeas, Batman!

Here are some of the projects I finished recently. See more photos on my Flickr page.

This first piece may not ring a bell right away, unless you’re a close reader of the New York Times. The quote is from an article about the exposure of several Russian spies in American cities and suburbs. . . . So what have your neighbors been up to lately?


I also finished the third piece in my Shakespearean Insults series“Away with your pishery-pashery!” Truly, these are suited to any occasion: anniversaries, bat mitzvahs, baby showers. There’s always someone in need of a good insult.


This last piece is based on a quote from the Disney movie, Tangled. But you don’t need to know the movie to enjoy it. “Is that blood in your moustache?” is a rational question to ask many gentlemen (and some ladies!). You might expect this question to arise in a conversation that includes others such as, “Is your peg leg made from mahogany or oak?” and “Can I poke your glass eye, or would that be too rude?”

Isthatbloodinyourmoustachecloseup copy

On that note, I’m off to polish my fake teeth.



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